Web Templates

I created a collection of template repositories to quickly get my ideas off the ground. My biggest hurdle when starting a new personal web project is the repetitive start up boilerplate. Doing the same thing over and over got tiring and occasionally I would give up on an idea because of the set up time it takes to configure a modern web project. Starter projects exist out there but with so many dependencies I sometimes couldn't tell what their use was. These starters tried to cast a wide net to cover many project types. I wanted something minimalist.

I decided to put some time aside and create my own series of starter project targeting different use cases. I started from the ground up and this time I knew what each dependency was used for. Not only is it easy for me to get an idea off the ground, but I have learned a lot from both configuring and maintaining these templates.

Vanilla Javascript + SCSS
React + SCSS
React + SCSS + Redux
React + SCSS + Redux + ASP.Net Core