Replacing The Gamecube Thermal Pads

05 Mar 2023

One modification I overlooked for the Gamecube was replacing its 2 decade old thermal pads keeping the RAM, CPU and GPU cool. The odd caveat about these chips is they require different pad thicknesses meaning the CPU and GPU need 1.5mm pads while the RAM needs 1mm. Thankfully there’s some vendors out there selling pre measured kits Helder Game Tech.

Taking the heatsink off was a bit stressful because it felt like it wouldn’t budge and I didn’t want to cause damage by forcing it off. Luckily heating it up with a hair dryer loosen it up and it popped off incredibly easy.

New pads on and we’re ready to re-assemble. Maybe in a few years I’ll replace the capacitors but they look fine right now so lets close this back up.

The Gamecube is 100% complete!