Back In The Lab

05 Jun 2022

Last year I was looking through a collection of Gameboy games at my local game store and found a copy of Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble. This game fascinates me because it has a built in accelerometer and tilting your Gameboy moved Kirby around on the screen.

Right beside Kirby was Dexter’s Lab. I love the show and thought why not pick it up too but as soon as I got home I immediately forgot about Dexter and focused on how cool accelerometers are.

A few days go by and I finally circle back to Dexter but sadly the game wouldn’t boot up. It would sit at the splash screen with a missing or garbled Nintendo logo. Cleaning the contacts would exbibit same issue but I wasn’t completely disappointed because I thought this could become a future fixing project.

Many months go by and I stumble on the video I Bought 5 Broken GAMEBOY Games on eBay - How Many Can I FIX?! and out of curiosity I watch. Thinking some advance techniques or high difficulty fixes had to be performed, I was surprised by how simple the fix was for most of the games. Simply put, the rom chips no longer had solid connections. Thinking I had nothing to lose I opened up Dexter’s Lab and re-flowed the joints.

Oh my goodness it worked.

I was so happy when the music started playing and surprised the fix worked. I wonder how many Gameboy Color games out there have this problem and end up in the garbage. The thought makes me sad but if I ever find more broken games out there, I’m picking them up.